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Brand: FERRINO Model: FERRINO BackPack ZEPHYR 12+3 75810CBB
BACKPACK ZEPHYR 12+3Zephyr 12+3 is a 12-litre extending backpack (+3). It is multipurpose and multisport, designed with a structure and equipment that are ideal for running, mountain biking or trekking.  Zephyr 12+3 comes with the following accessories: Ultra-breathable back with “Dry Net Syst..
79,90€ 115,90€
Brand: FERRINO Model: FERRINO BackPack ZEPHYR 17+3 75811-CCC
86,90€ 122,92€
Brand: FERRINO Model: FERRINO Zaino Crusade 12WC 75562
 BACKPACK CRUSADE 12Crusade 12 litres is the backpack designed for those wanting to go on one-day outings with winter climbing.  The structure of the Crusade 12 is specifically designed to securesnowboard, snowshoes or skis on the front of the backpackDESCRIPTIONWeight: 600 grams Ultra-br..
53,90€ 73,90€
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